Pete K – Nova

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Nova (Original Mix)

Nova (Original Mix)

Pete K

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Portuguese REALPROG at the ready ? You know when Pete K enters the building when the new progressive record is sounding fresher and more innovative than ever. Zerothree presents Nova.

Pete K has had an incredible few years developing as an artist, playing high profile line ups, large club rooms and releasing some incredible melodic music. Back on his progressive home Pete K once again delivers a record that proves that he is one of the very best in the genre.

Nova grinds away, an ever-growing beauty of a record that keeps building and building (just what a progressive record should do right?). Pete plays with melodies and synths like a real pro. If you need a record that packs a punch but can keep those credible vibes rocking ? look no further.

This is Pete K. This is REALPROG.


Release: ZT13801Z

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