Pete K – Andromeda (Remixes)

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Pete K - Andromeda (Dmitry Molosh Remix)

Pete K - Andromeda (Dmitry Molosh Remix)

Pete K

Pete K - Andromeda (Desaturate 'Gamma Rays' Remix)

Pete K

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“With the “Inner Circle” name, Pedro Caldeira has created a strong brand in both Proton radio show and original music through his Pete K moniker. Releasing “Inner Circle 2” in February 2017, “Andromeda” was one elegant half of the EP, now released in its own right with remixes from two industry icons.

Part of the famed Nightlaw DJ agency alongside, Quivver, Cid Inc. and Chicola, Dmitry Molosh’s star shines brightly in the underground dance firmament. Regular at clubs in his Belarus home, gigs across the globe, from London to Madrid and Argentina to India, have seen him gather supporters and fans that revel in his expertly crafted DJ sets and inspiring production material. Supported by industry heavyweights that include Nick Warren, Guy J and Hernan Cattaneo, Molosh’s unique brand of “progressive house and melodic techno” has seen his work signed to a plethora of highly regarded imprints that include Plattenbank, Replug and Sudbeat. Indeed, November 2016’s “Fly” EP for the Cattaneo owned imprint was a high-point in a career that continues to rise at impressive pace.

A single remix of Navid Mehr’s “Solomon’s Throne” for Proton Music in October 2016 was a striking opening salvo for the label, joined now by a second which sees Dmitry Molosh take a typically exquisite offering replete in percussive intricacy and melodic beauty. Providing a strong beat, the motif so central to Pete K’s original emerges delicately into range with gently plucked notes. Evolving with elegance, additional production material arrives in the shape of pristine piano phrases that reach their zenith in the stripped back breakdown. Coupled with a dynamic bass groove, the open filtered melodic motif makes its presence felt in the third movement in a dance-floor destroyer of scope and vision.

As one half of the highly successful, Progress Inn outfit, Janko Dragovic has seen considerable success in production and live arenas before he branched out on his own under the Desaturate production soubriquet. Under the Serbian’s new alter-ego, the Desaturate name continued where Progress Inn had left off. A debut for Reelaux Digital in February 2015 was quickly followed by a host of production credits that had seen work signed to Clinique, Replug and as a regular on the Balkan Connection family of labels. A frequent contributor to Particles, collaborations with French icon, Rick Pier O’Neil, have provided a wealth of stellar material in the shape of the “Spirals” and “Crouched/Cursed” EPs in 2015 and 2016, while “The Unholy Mountain” showcased the Desaturate sound in its solo variant in May 2016. Remixes Alex O’Rion, Michael A and Sebastian Busto also followed in March 2017.

Now debuting on Proton Music with a solo remix after a collaborative effort with Pier O’Neil reworking Nocturna’s “Pigmental”, Desaturate’s ‘Gamma Rays’ remix takes “Andromeda” in dynamic bass-fuelled affair that bristles with vibrant percussive energy. Echoing the chord progressions prevalent in the original, Desaturate takes elements of Pete’s K’s melodic motifs and treats them to a delay-laden treatment that glistens in the third movement to impressive effect.

A pair of remixes from Dmitry Molosh and Destaurate have seen Pete K’s “Andromeda” glow brightly in dance music galaxy.”

Directed by Jay Epoch
AandR by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc., Desaturate
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren


Release: PROTON0360

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