Pete K – Inner Circle 2 EP

Out on: Proton Music


Andromeda (Original Mix)

Andromeda (Original Mix)

Pete K

Perseu (Original Mix)

Perseu (Original Mix)

Pete K

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A young producer with both the talents and character to succeed in a demanding and cutthroat industry, Pedro Caldeira has provided a real statement of musical intent with his Pete K production soubriquet and now his “Inner Circle 2” EP for Proton Music.

From the Lisbon capital on the mouth of the River Tagus, the Portuguese producer has continually pushed his own musical boundaries to create an evolving sound that showcases genuine passion and craft. Inspired by celebrated names including, Pryda and Olander, Caldeira has been able to hit upon a formula that crosses genre boundaries with ease, opening his sound up to a diverse listener base that grows with each passing release.

A rapidly expanding portfolio, primarily within the broad church that is progressive house, has thus seen the Pete K name allied to a raft of impressive imprints, not least Intricate Records where a clutch of production credits have provided a strong platform for tracks such as “Beyond” and “Nightshift”. Furthermore, November 2016’s “Azimuth/Nebula” EP for industry giant, Zerothree, has cemented a growing reputation with work of genuine quality. It is thus no surprise that the Pete K sound has been regularly supported by the DJ glitterati of Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold and Jaytech.

Running the monthly “Inner Circles” show on Proton Radio has provided a refreshing medium to stage Peter K’s own production credentials along with the music that stimulates him. With a mission statement that includes “no labels, no colours and no boundaries”, “emotive and timeless music” are in plentiful supply. It is therefore little surprise that when Pete K came to Proton Music with his strong and vibrant, “Inner Circle” EP in June 2016, the twin-track offering provided an assured and impressive debut for the label, going on to receive remixes from GMJ and Matter and legendary Greek producer, Dousk, at the end of the year.

As 2017 now fully opens its doors, Proton Music is delighted to announce the return of Pete K and his painstakingly constructed, “Inner Circle 2” EP with its underpinnings in Greek mythology. Opening track, “Andromeda”, is redolent in the technique and unique sound that has established Caldeira as an artist of real force. Driving beat and percussive hi-hat urgency provides a strong backdrop for trademark emotive melodies to shimmer across the sonic spectrum, resonating in cascading, tear drop delays, as a spine-tingling bass line progression supplies dance floor dynamism. Building effortlessly with side-chained pads and flowing lead line, the third movement sees the track reach a rousing crescendo in striking fashion.

Partner track, “Perseu” is replete with references to the Greek hero as shuffling hi-hat rhythms are paired with reverb-drenched woodblock percussion. A subtle and cavernous grooved bass line makes its presence felt as sumptuous pads provide texture and depth; melodic lines shimmer and meander across the upper frequencies. As hypnotic as Medusa’s eyes, rhythmic and bass prowess captures listener attention with a body-shaking, dance floor groove that resembles Cid Inc. while filtered arpeggios and gated synth lines bring additional interest. The result is a sultry, brooding track that bristles with electricity.

Expanding his “Inner Circle”, Pete K has delighted once again with music that is no longer the industry’s best-kept secret.

Directed by Jay Epoch
AandR by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren


Release: PROTON0350

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